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MaptoonsnewsdayOkay, we admit it…we're crazy about cartoon maps, which is why we call our company MapToons! Since 2003, we've created over 80 of those fun, colorful, whimsical business maps you see in diners, restaurants, banks, doctors offices, and well, practically all over town!

Designed to give an overview of the businesses in your town, our maps are a powerful marketing tool. They are mailed to every home and business in the community, distributed by participating merchants, allocated to area hotels, issued by the Chamber of Commerce and more!

Many of our MapToons are online and interactive, linking residents, newcomers and visitors to your business.

As an added bonus, each MapToon comes with two "Shopper's Discount Cards" which can be used for incredible savings at thousands of locations on Long Island. For a complete listing go to on your smartphone, tablet or computer.


MapToons are created exclusively for our local Chambers of Commerce, where we help to boost membership and increase their treasury. Check out our many testimonials from the local Chambers of Commerce who have worked with us. Note: MapToons creates your town map just once every five years, so the opportunity for you to participate in this project is limited.

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